Over the past 15 years, we have verifiably helped tens of thousands of executives, managers, and board members at more than 300 companies – including 18 DAX 30 corporations – to present more successfully.

The key to the development of our participants is the KREATORIK© Method, the only creative technique for rhetoric worldwide.

Rhetoric Course 1

Red Hot Chili

The Classic: A presentation workshop for everyone who wants to bring more pepper into their speeches.

Virtual Reality
Audience Simulator

How does it feel to present in front of 1000 spectators?

Rhetoric Course 2


A presentation workshop for everyone who wants their message to stick 22% better.

Rhetoric Course 3

Executive Coaching

For top executives who want to control the success of their performances themselves.

By the way: You can book the rhetoric courses and presentation workshops by praesentarium in German, English, or Spanish  –  live in your area as in-person seminars.

“Children are told stories
so that they fall asleep.
Adults so that they wake up!”