When do you find a movie gripping, a documentary rousing,
an article exciting, or a new book so engaging that you can’t put it down?

Whenever something is different. If you are surprised by new, good ideas. It’s no different for speeches and presentations. Gone are the days when slideshows still generated attention. To score points nowadays with a presentation or a lecture, to prevail against the flood of information, to fascinate, to be effective, and to anchor a message, new, creative methods are necessary.

KREATORIK© is the world’s only
creative technique  especially for presenters –
it can be quickly and easily learned
so that you can sustainably anchor your messages
in the minds of your audience.

In the rhetoric courses, presentation trainings, and seminars
from praesentarium, you will get to know unusual strategies to effectively advocate your views and the interests of your company. Through the KREATORIK© – Method developed by us, you will transform your future presentations into creative fireworks, make stage fright into your friend, have more fun giving speeches, lectures, and presentations, and thus be even more successful.

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