is both a communications specialist and degreed psychologist. Having traveled widely and lived abroad for many years, she is at home working across national and cultural boundaries. She lived in the U.K. for several years and has helped executives achieve new goals through her own company, People Intelligence.

As a certified KREATORIK© trainer, Sabine Funk has been running the English-language trainings at praesentarium for many years.


comes from Mallorca, has lived in the United States, and worked for many years in advertising and distribution, radio, communications, and marketing. As a coach and trainer, she works with people and organizations going through change processes.

For several years, this certified KREATORIK© trainer has exclusively led the Spanish version of the Red Hot Chili Presentations Course.




Gerriet Danz founded praesentarium more than 15 years ago and, in his trainings, has already inaugurated tens of thousands of participants in the future of presenting. He is the developer of the world’s only creative technique for presentations: KREATORIK© and – with his CAMPUS bestseller, “Neu präsentieren” – has written a new standard work in modern rhetoric, which has caused a sensation even in Asia.




Danz is a university lecturer at the Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin, associate lecturer at St. Gallen Management School, and winner of a Conga Award in the category “Speakers and Trainers.”

The BERLINER MORGENPOST calls him one of “the best,” and SPIEGEL adds: “Danz knows what really matters.”