Gone are the days when PowerPoint slideshows still generated attention. To score points nowadays with a presentation or a lecture, to prevail against the flood of information, to fascinate, to be effective, and to anchor a message, new, creative methods are necessary. In the Red Hot Chili Presentations Seminar, you will learn about unusual strategies to effectively advocate your views and the interests of your company. Through the KREATORIK© Method developed by us, you will transform your future presentations into creative fireworks, make stage fright into your friend, have more fun giving speeches, lectures, and presentations, and thus be even more successful.
To the trainers.

„Many thanks for two days of first-class seminar work with you. I have and will without hesitation recommend you, and am considering a follow-up appointment. I enjoyed it more than any other training in recent years…“

Markus Goedecke
CFO Videojet Technologies